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Electronic Imaging & Digital Retrieval Systems (DRS)

Eye Com offers a wide array of electronic imaging, and digital retrieval systems (DRS) that can be used to convert books, microfiche, microfilm, microform, and aperture cards to multiple different formats with a computer. Please review our product quotes for each product to view product specifications, features and optional accessories. Below are the DRS units available for purchase through Eye Com. Call us today, and we can find the digital retrieval system to meet your microfiche needs. Submit Order Form Over Web

Digital Electronic Imaging Equipment

CopyMaster I & II
CopyMaster I & II Flyer (PDF)

The CopyMaster Scanner is a sophisticated yet easy to use overhead color camera for books and documents. The CopyMaster I unit is setup to run with a computer connection, the CopyMaster II includes an internal integrated computer and monitor. Both the CopyMaster I & II automatically adjust to the light conditions of the room and have an automatic focus feature. They have a 12 mega-pixel resolution and a capture size up to 17 inches x 22 inches. The Kiosk+ software makes it ideal for public use in campuses, archives and libraries. *CopyMaster I image displayed
CopyMaster I (w/Kiosk light Software) = Call for pricing ⁄ Kiosk+ Software Upgrade = Call for pricing
CopyMaster II (w/ Kiosk+ Software) = Call for pricing

DRS 12000

DRS 10000 High Resolution Scanner (HRS)

This DRS 10000 HRS is an easy to use 10 mega-pixel resolution reader/scanner for aperture cards, all microfilm - 16mm & 35mm, fiche, microopaques and jackets 7x through 48x. The unit includes an attachement for 35mm film and aperture cards, as well as the KIOSK + Pro Software. With its low price and very small foot print the DRS 100000 HRS is well suited for public use at campuses, archives and libraries.
DRS 10000/Universal = Call for pricing

DRS 5000

DRS 5000/Universal
DRS 5000 Flyer (PDF)

This unit offers a mulititude of lens settings making it ideal for users with multiple microfiche sizes. Easily connected to any PC through a USB 2.0 this unit can capture images quickly and save in common digital formats.
DRS 5000 (Base System) = Call for pricing *See quote for carriers/accessories

DRFS 3000

DRS 3000
DRS 3000 Flyer (PDF) | DRS Software Download

The DRS 3000 has a small footprint size to fit on desks and work with computers. Changeable lenses and roll film carriers make this a digital retrieval system customized for your needs. Purchase system with or without customized PC.
DRS 3000 (Base System w/ PC and imager) = Call for pricing *See quote for imager options

Tablet Mouse

Image Mouse / Tablet Mouse
Tablet Mouse Flyer (PDF) | Tablet Mouse Software Download

The tablet mouse allows users to move freely over film, magnifying the area of your choice. Users enjoy the image mouse, due to it's natural use as a device for viewing microfiche with a computer.
Tablet Mouse = Call for pricing *See quote for imager options

Tablet Mouse

Image Mouse Plus
Image Mouse Flyer (PDF) | ImageMouse PLUS Software Upgrade
Image Mouse Specifications

The ImageMouse basic unit includes the illuminated base and the ImageMouse, with our highly functional, user friendly, Windows-based Image Capture software. The ImageMouse PLUS also includes the motorized Combo-carrier (which accommodates microfiche, 16mm and 35mm open reel microfilm, or aperture cards). Optional 3M and ANSI cartridge carriers can also be ordered. These units can be ordered with either a 24X/28X or 42X/48X magnification rate lens.
Image Mouse Plus - Base System (includes one lens head) = Call for pricing
*See quote for lenses and accessories

Eye Drive

Eye Drive
Eye Drive Flyer (PDF)

The Eye Drive is a microfilm solution that connects to a stand-alone or network Windows based PC. It allows you to take a 16mm ANSI microfilm cartridge or 3M cartridge, insert into the drive, select a film image or series of images, and bring them up on the screen. Then you can print, save, merge, batch scan, or distribute the images electronically.
*Limited Amount Left in Stock - Call for pricing

Scan & View I

Scan & View I
Scan & View I Flyer (PDF)

Now there's an easy way for your employees to store and retrieve documents electronically on a PC, a network, or through the Internet. Eye Com's imaging software was designed to meet document management needs of small to medium-sized business while maintaining affordability.
Scan & View I Software = Call for pricing
CPU & Operating System = Call for pricing
*Call Eye Com today to learn more about product and pricing

Scan & View II

Scan & View II
Scan & View II (PDF)

The Scan & View II is the most powerful and affordable turn-key Document Imaging Appliance available with built-in Bar Code Technology. What is it you ask? The Scan & View II is a File Server that allows secure Internet access to your digital files by your employees and clients, to your digital files. The Scan & View II will bring up any scanned or digitized document.
Scan & View I (Document Imaging Appliance with Scan & View II Software) = Call for pricing
*Call Eye Com today to learn more about product and pricing

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