What is Micropublishing?

Micropublishing is the process of copying documents to be stored or archived by making a photograph copy of the document onto microfiche or microfilm.

What is Microfiche?

Microfiche is a 4"x6" piece of photographic film that can be printed with miniature copies of documents. The documents can then be magnified for viewing, remaining the same in appearance as the original printed document but taking up far less storage space.

Microfiche is most commonly used to archive copies of traditional printed media such as books, newspapers, jouirnals and magazines, or to consolidate repair parts and service manuals. The compact size, durability and low-intrinsic value of microfichemake it an ideal storage solution for businesses with a lot of information to house in a limited space.

What are the advantages of Microfiche over
other storage/archiving methods?

  • incredibly durable material
  • rated to last 500+ years
  • tactile, stable archive of material, not prone to data loss,
       corruption or alterations like digitally archived files
  • able to be used as a legal substitute for the original document
  • cheaper to distribute than paper
  • compact storage-98 documents to one fiche on average
  • no special software or knowledge to read (only microfiche machine)