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Micrographic Supplies

Eye Communication Systems, Inc. not only manufactures micrographic equipment, we also carry micrographic supplies. Our Supply Division has everything your Micrographic equipment requires to get up and running or for you to complete general maintenance. Click below on the supply you need.

Download Supply PDFs

  Processing & Editing Supplies (pdf) | Processing & Editing Supplies Pricing
Ansi Magazines, Cartridges, Labels, Film Storage, Flange Reels, Splicing Tabs, Splicing Tape, Film Handling Gloves, Processing Leaders, Hand Inserts, Staples and Pliers.

  Microfilm AGFA (pdf) | AGFA Pricing
COPEX HDP Source Document Film, COPEX Rapid AHU Source Document Film, COPEX RSM Source Document Film, COPEX Positive Silver Duplicating Film, and COPEX Direct Silver Duplicating Film.

  Microfilm FUJI | FUJI Pricing
Microfilm for source document; standard medium speed microfilm, medium speed microfilm low contrast, microfilm for sorters and proof machines. Silver Duplicating Film; direct duplicating film/sign maintaining, and silver halide/sign reversal. Microfilm Chemistry; source document chemistry.

  3M Imation Products
Type G-O1 Cartridge Film, Toners & Pre-mix Developer.

  Microfilm Jackets & Envelopes | Microfilm Jackets and Envelopes Pricing
Microfilm Jackets with available options and services. Acid-free microfiche envelopes.

  InteliCoat Duplicating Film | Intelicoat Pricing
2753 Blue Diazo, 2722 Black Diazo, 2724 Tonal Diazo, 3252 Vesicular, and 3254 Vesicular.

Over 300 different lamps to choose from.

  Minolta & Canon Micrographic Toner

Micrographic Supplies
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